It has been proven that physicians experience a net loss of up to 35% of billings. Increased overhead and decreasing reimbursements require a reduction of expenses to ensure survival and profitability. Practices are choosing to outsource in an effort to define fixed costs and increase revenue. Outsourcing is the first step to cost savings and defining your fixed costs. When was the last time you took an inventory of your practice’s workflow? Have you checked to see if you are billing for all your services? Most importantly, could you change your bottom line if your fixed costs were variable?

Speaking of cost, if you are focused on price alone, we’d like to say that’s a very shortsighted approach. In the end, choosing a billing company only because they offer a lower percentage rate is not in the best interest of your practice. If you’re comparing us to a big company, and we hope you will, keep in mind that lots of people and a lower rate doesn’t always translate to better results. In fact, we beg to differ because more often than not, big companies will lose far more of your money than you’ll ever know. Advanced Medical Billing is right in the middle—big enough to make a difference and keep up with payer trends and small enough to care.  

Practice Management is a critical component in this analysis and conversion. At Advanced Medical Billing our staff understands the intricacies of revenue-enhancing practice management. In fact, we have direct experience in this area and willingly share our insight and recommendations with our client practices at no additional

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